Longshadow dry cast limestone has the texture, appearance and durability of carved limestone.
Dry cast limestone dates to Roman times. Slight porosity makes it suitable for all season exterior use.
Recumbent Lion, LS 9231 and Marlia 40, LS 9137
Natural Limestone, LS 0009
Natural Limestone Color
Longshadow is hand crafted. Natural variation in the color of limestone causes slight differences in the color of Longshadow dry cast planters and garden ornaments. The soft buff color of Longshadow complements buff Bedford, Indiana, limestone. Reflected natural sunlight and surrounding colors affect the perceived hue of Longshadow.
Natural Aging of Dry Cast Limestone
The initial pale buff limestone color of Longshadow
will develop a natural patina over time.

Prairie 36 & Base 26, LS 9052
Aged Natural Color, LS 0009


Lake Bluff 48 & Round Base, LS 9457
Aged Saint Louis Gold, LS 0035