Longshadow Gardens

We named Longshadow Gardens after the long shadows cast by tall Oaks, Hackberries and Sassafras across our hill top meadows. Twenty years ago, determined to create fine garden ornaments and a great Garden, we purchased a neglected farm with breathtaking views, grottoes, waterfalls and limestone bluffs adjacent to the Shawnee National Forest.


Garden ornaments are nestled as focal points in evocative settings. Mown grass paths and shaded walks lead through a carpet of woodland treasures including spring ephemerals, wild Orchids, Spicebush, Witchhazel, Redbud, Dogwood, Paw Paw, Persimmon, Sugar Maple, Oaks, Slippery Elm and many more.

We support our passion for gardening by designing and hand crafting Longshadow dry cast limestone planters and garden ornaments in buildings that blend into our rural surroundings.

Our motto is Fabricia in Horto Nostro, Latin for “Factory in a Garden.” In our factory we hand craft the finest garden ornaments and planters in the world. In Longshadow Gardens, we strive to attain fleeting moments of memorable beauty.




We welcome all those who love fine gardens and garden ornaments to call 618 893 4831 and arrange a visit to enjoy and learn.

Charlotte Ward
Daniel Ward

We share the beauty of Longshadow Gardens by joining the Garden Conservancy 'Open Days' program and by giving guided tours to gardeners, arborists, horticulturists, designers, architects, educators and their students. We are members of the American Public Garden Association and are exploring how to develop Longshadow Gardens into a self sustaining garden open for the enjoyment and education of our ever increasing flow of visitors.      


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